Into an Introvert’s Mind

So..this is my first blog entry.

I figure this should be something worthwhile.

I made this blog mainly to let off steam, to speak my mind whenever I had to because I couldn’t in real world. You see, I consider myself an introvert. I am not comfortable hanging out with many people. I, most of the time, prefer to be alone, reading a book. I have been bottling up emotions and thoughts on many different things.

This blog would be my vent or else, I think I will go crazy. I don’t suppose anyone will take too much time to read this, anyway.

For my first post, of course I would be talking about… you guessed it right, introversion. Much has been said on this personality trait. But what do you think of it, exactly?

It was Carl Gustav Jung (a Swiss psychotherapist) who developed and popularized the concepts of intoversion and extroversion.

Introverts are “inward-turning” and tend to be thought-oriented, enjoy deep and meaningful social interactions and feel recharged after spending time alone. Extraverts are “outward-turning” and tend to be action-oriented, enjoy more frequent social interaction, and feel energized after spending time with other people.


It was also said that we all exhibit extraversion and intraversion to some degree, but most of us tend to have an overall preference for one or the other. In my case, obviously, I lean towards introversion. I would like to think that this is not a bad thing because I am not downright anti-social. I mean, I love to be alone but I also enjoy the company of those people close to me, of people I really know.

However, I have observed that being an introvert poses a disadvantage.
It would seem that “extraverts” people tend to experience more in life. haha! When we read books on how to achieve success, authors will most likely suggest you to be more socially active, overly friendly, outgoing etc. Let’s face it, the world favors extraverts.

I would like to share a video of Susan Cain, author of 2012 non-fiction book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking. I have yet to read the book as it sounds interesting.

Shown below is a link that will make you think of and perhaps embrace the power of introverts. From the way she talked, it is undeniable that she, herself, is a true introvert. Oh, a kindred spirit. 🙂


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