Wong Fu Madness

(L-R) Philip Wang, Ted Fu and Wesley Chan

Capturing and sharing emotions with every film. (L-R) Philip Wang, Ted Fu and Wesley Chan

Have you ever heard of Wong Fu Productions?
When people say “Uhh, no?”, I tend to panic and overreact. I was like, “Why, nooo??”
And then I jump into conclusion that this person might not even heard of Youtube yet. Again, just overreacting.

Well, for me, Wong Fu is the coolest bunch of guys on Youtube. They make really good short films.
Composed of Philip Wang, Ted Fu and Wesley Chan, they started out as dormmates at UC San Diego. They now own their own production company, with over 1 million subscibers in YT. What I like about them is that every film or music video is a work of art. Their films teach lessons, make us laugh, make us cry and oftentimes make us feel good inside.

If you haven’t seen any of their works yet, go see for yourself. You can thank me later. 🙂

Photo Credits: http://blog.mellylee.com/2013/12/wong-fu-productions/#.U5sYgPnuJqU


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